Scarlot Rose's Restrained Elegance photosets and videos


Scarlot Rose

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Happy To See You

Keywords: barefoot, bedroom, handcuffs, leg irons, metal bondage, nude, ungagged

story with photos (44 photos) starring Scarlot Rose added 27 January 2020

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Mrs. Winchester's Cakes

Keywords: rope bondage, girlgirl, glasses, blouse, humiliation, shoes, business wear, skirt, lesbian, cloth gag, pantyhose, pencil skirt, comedy

Video (12:45 minute video) starring Hannah Claydon, Anita deBauch, Ariel Anderssen and Scarlot Rose added 24 December 2019

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Bend Over

Keywords: rope bondage, barefoot, spreader bar, cloth gag, strappado, nude, ungagged, redhead

story with photos (52 photos) starring Scarlot Rose added 17 October 2019

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Frantic Struggles

Keywords: rope bondage, barefoot, cloth gag, nude, redhead, frogtie

Video (03:18 minute video) starring Scarlot Rose added 16 October 2019