Kobe Lee's Restrained Elegance photosets and videos


Kobe Lee

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THAT pink dress!

Keywords: gown, rope bondage, barefoot, nude, outdoor, topless

story with photos (110 photos) starring Kobe Lee added 25 June 2017

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I'm a better Kobe Lee than you are, anyway!

Keywords: rope bondage, barefoot, blouse, skirt, cloth gag

Video (56 photos and 05:02 minute video) starring Kobe Lee added 9 May 2017

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Ariel's Video Diary: Northern Sweden

Keywords: ballgown, rope bondage, barefoot, humiliation, lingerie, metal bondage, outdoor, gag

Video (112 photos and 27:44 minute video) starring Ariel Anderssen, Pling, Sophia Smith, Temptress Kate and Kobe Lee added 1 April 2017

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Game Of Slaves: Introducing Kobe Lee

Keywords: barefoot, brunette, collar, mockumentary, nude, dress

Video (80 photos and 10:19 minute video) starring Kobe Lee added 29 December 2016

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Answers on a Postcard

Keywords: barefoot, handcuffs, blonde, brunette, leg irons, metal bondage, nude, outdoor, ungagged

story with photos (100 photos) starring Pling, Ariel Anderssen and Kobe Lee added 9 October 2016