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Katy Cee

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Katy Struggles To...

Keywords: barefoot, bedroom, blonde, nude, ungagged, frogtie, rope bondage

Video (03:49 minute video) starring Katy Cee added 29 September 2020

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The Best of Domestic Sexy Metal

Keywords: barefoot, satin, handcuffs, blonde, blouse, silk, skirt, leg irons, metal bondage, nude, nude in metal, dress, ungagged, yoke

Video (18:36 minute video) starring Ariel Anderssen and Katy Cee added 13 August 2020

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Having Fun

Keywords: ballgown, satin, barefoot, bedroom, shackles, silk, sm factory, leg irons, chains, cloth gag, clothes cut off, metal bondage, collar, nude

Video (04:07 minute video) starring Janey and Katy Cee added 6 August 2020

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The Spreader Bar Train

Keywords: barefoot, blonde, shackles, slave training, sm factory, leg irons, spreader bar, metal bondage, collar, nude, ungagged, redhead

story with photos (101 photos) starring Anita deBauch and Katy Cee added 5 July 2020

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Wanton Conduct

Keywords: girlgirl, satin, bit gag, blonde, shackles, shoes, brunette, sm factory, leg irons, lesbian, lingerie, spreader bar, stockings, collar, corset, outdoor, ungagged

story with photos (131 photos) starring Natalia Forrest and Katy Cee added 30 May 2020